Friday, October 12, 2012

Total grump fest.

Well. I suppose it was due, but I just had a major grump. Having been looked after hand and foot by my mum while she studies full time for an MA and generally cleans, cooks, washes, shops, feeds and motivates me, I just totally grumped out at her and managed to simultaneously be incredibly selfish and nauseatingly victimised. Sheesh, I really wish I was a bit more grown up. I've apologised now and of course she said it's fine, I'm allowed to be grumpy but really, I would have hoped to be above this.

I reached my line though which was good. I knew I was taking it too far and using a brain tumour and exhaustion as an excuse to act like a toddler. At least I realised it and managed to stop. Hopefully I won't do it again. (I'm totally going to do it again, I can tell).