Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The outside world.

I've been outside today. Beyond Camberwell. I accompanied Oliver on his travels, which entailed sitting in a massivo van while he drove around London picking things up and dropping things off in advance of a trade show this weekend.

I have stayed awake all day, which is a first, and although I am totally exhausted now - I had a brilliant time. It was frustrating to not be able to carry things and help more (I struggled even getting into the van - it was really high and my leg muscles are still not really up to much), and extremely frustrating to not be able to drive. I already miss driving, how am I going to cope if they keep my licence for a year?

But it was really good fun and quite refreshing to be interacting with the outside world again. We randomly bumped into a friend, and saw several other friends by design. I was worried about the big reveal, and how I would cope with the inevitable interest. Aside from being called a gypsy it was better than I thought.

One thing I have to watch though - when people ask me how I am, I tend to get defensive. And then it's a bit awkward. Or I am a bit awkward. I must remember that it might be just a figure of speech, it's just what people say when they greet each other.

This is the first step though. Going further afield and staying up all day and meeting people again. I'd become a bit of a hermit, I think.

Bedtime now though.