Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Bearing all.

We're on holiday at the moment so I took the opportunity one day this week to be bare-headed in public. Just to see what it was like. It's seemed easier here, where I was unlikely to bump into anyone I know.

It went like this: we stopped for lunch at a little chinese restaurant in the centre of Brighton; we were pretty chuffed to be seated at the best table - a booth; I tentatively removed my hat and we ordered. Then we noticed the mirror.

I was sitting directly underneath a slanted mirror, on the underside of a staircase, that was effectively reflecting an image of my scar to the entire dining room. That's enough to put anyone off their food.


Initially I was hyper aware of everyone's expressions as they looked at me, trying to second guess what they were thinking. But I did relax after a while. Later, when we were in a pub with yoofs all around, I did get a bit more self conscious but then the alcohol kicked in.

It's only going to get easier.