Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Thank you NHS. Again.

You know how you should always wear respectable underwear in case you get hit by a bus and people see your pants (or something...), well, yesterday, I failed Rae. She was wearing a once-white-but-now-grey skanky vest when the ambulance turned up, and even that got stripped off her fairly quick.

This year alone, I have so much to thank the NHS for. I had multiple scans during the late stages of pregnancy with Rae, along with the routine midwife care. I had an emergency MRI to check the tumour hadn't come back after some odd symptoms during the pregnancy, and another one after so they could use contrast. I had a planned section delivery for Rae and all the drugs and care that goes with that.

Alfred had immunisations. Rae had three rounds too, and the BCG. And me and Alfred both got flu jabs. Alfred had his two year check up and Rae has regular sessions with a health visitor.

Rae had a full scale blood investigation for several months tracking her dodgy blood cell count. I got a bit of metal stuck in my eye, and ignored it long enough to go rusty, requiring two scraping sessions to fully remove. I've had two bouts of mastitis, requiring a course of antibiotics each. And then yesterday, Rae couldn't breathe, choked, and went grey and floppy.

We called 111 for advice and they sent an ambulance. I know that many people have had bad experiences with the NHS, but I am continually amazed by the service, the logistics, and the people who seem to work endlessly and thanklessly. Within minutes a guy turned up, he said he was an advance paramedic. He said he goes to urgent cases in his car to get to a scene quickly. He said it was nice to see someone alive. Sheesh.

Then the ambulance, much to Alfred's excitement. They took us straight to paeds A&E and there we saw various people, had tests, x-rays, more tests, got medication, instructions, more tests and a lot of advice. Seamlessly (although over quite a period of time). And FOR FREE.

It shocked me that things can go wrong so dramatically and so quickly. Rae is very clingy today, which is lucky because I'm quite clingy with her too. Tomorrow she will be six months old, and this is another reminder to never stop appreciating what we have.

Thank you NHS. Again.

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