Thursday, April 04, 2013

Wherefore, whyfore, whateverfore.

It has been brought to my attention today, by my extremely knowledgeable husband, that I don't actually know what wherefore means. Well I do now, but I didn't two days ago. Or actually an hour ago. I mistakenly thought that the where, in wherefore, would mean where. When it clearly means why. Obviously.

Even after the My So-Called Life days and my massive girl crush on Claire Danes, I never did get around to watching Romeo and Juliet (and no, I didn't read it either) but I'm not sure that I would have picked that up anyway to be honest.

So there you go, although "why are you a driving license?" doesn't make much sense, I'm leaving it as it is. I quite like it. Although I do feel a bit stupid.

Letter from the DVLA.

Timely, after I posted about this just yesterday.

Every time I get one, I'm simultaneously overtaken by excitement (at prospect of being able to drive again) and terror (in case it's a speeding fine, which - given that I haven't been driving for over six months - is highly unlikely. But it still get's me, every time).

It was a letter to say that they have received my application (hurray!) and that they've passed it on to some department (ok...) and that it will take another twelve weeks to get a response (boooooo!). They ever wrote twelve out in letters, contrary to the Guardian Style Guide, in order to disguise how many weeks it is. 12 weeks! Jeez Louise, what are they doing that can possibly take 12 weeks?!