Saturday, December 01, 2012

Headscarf tips.

There's no getting away from it, wearing a headscarf is a right faff. I thought I'd share some of my tips, seeing as I've accumulated a few that makes it less frustrating. Marginally.
  1. Always wear a cap underneath. It feels more secure and makes it easier to put the scarf on a flat surface (as opposed to a bumpy scar or velcro type hair), and also helps bulk out the volume on your head (this is useful in reducing the cheeks to head ratio, if you have big cheeks). I like hijab bonnets, they come in all manner of colours and styles and are cheap as chips. The ones I have are really comfortable and easy to put on. You can also use a small silk scarf though too.
  2. Don't struggle with tying the scarf in a knot, it always comes loose and then the whole thing swings around and paranoia kicks in. Use a hairbobble. Treat the scarf like your hair, it's really easy and much quicker and looks the same. But it's much more secure. Here's a video explaining it.
  3. Tie the scarf slightly to the side, that way you can still move your head up and down. If it's at the back of your neck the knot gets wedged when you try to look up. Discovered this talking to a tall person, very stressful indeed.
  4. If your scarf is massive, fold it up before tying. In fact fold it anyway, until you just have enough to go over your head. I've found it's much easier if you don't have scores of material to deal with at the neck end, and - added bonus - by folding it up you get more volume around the head. It's all about the volume.
  5. Layering works, use different coloured thin scarfs to tie around your hairline, over a plain headscarf. Or wear a contrasting colour cap under your scarf peeking through. Jeez. What have I become.
  6. You can use all sorts of things as a scarf (here's a video using a t-shirt), go experiment.

I've pretty much had it with headscarves to be honest. I can't wait to just be able to leave the house without thinking about it. So if anyone out there is struggling too, I hope this helps just a bit.