Thursday, June 30, 2016

Angry days.

I am a seething bag of fury at the moment. It has been steadily bubbling since Friday, when more than half of the people who bothered to vote in the EU referendum chose to make our country worse. It hasn't been my first taste of political frustration (erm, last May anyone?) but it has hit me much harder. I feel actual nausea, how did this happen?

And THEN, I found out that my application to work three days a week was rejected. Although not yet clear on the reasons, it has really made me angry. Angry because I am effectively being forced to choose between my career and my family. Angry on behalf of all womenkind.

Is it any wonder that there are so few female CEOs or senior management or directors? I have of course heard it all before, but somehow it didn't sink in. I guess it wasn't relevant to me, and I didn't think about the mechanics. Well, now it is.

I am furious because I'm not done working yet. Me and my parents and various previous employers have invested huge amounts in training me up to be a valuable asset. I could have the best qualifications in the world, but because of the lack of flexibility in the medium term (two years), I am looking at chucking it all in to work as a school secretary, or a waitress.

Not exactly the role model I wanted to be. So bloody predictable. And to top it off, we'll have to move out of London and live amongst the Leave voters.