Monday, December 10, 2012

What a year.

It's one year today since we got married. Normally people review the last 12 months at New Year, but this seems like a better milestone for me.

Shortly after we got married I started keeping a private (to me and Olly) blog detailing what we got up to at the weekends. From early January 2012, I have kept this up to date every week. It is fascinating to look back through.

Some things really stick out, like the olympics - that was brilliant. And our friends weddings, five of them! My niece being born. And of course the brain tumour.

Last Saturday night we were in a pub in Hove, reading each other random weekends from 2012. I noticed it was the little things that I'd completely forgotten about that made the biggest impact. When we roasted a whole duck and had millions of crispy pancakes for tea. When we saw a man trip over his baby in a pushchair and we had to call an ambulance. When we were in the studio with Jake Morley and band recording a live session.

It was great to be reminded of all the brilliant things we did this year. I'm so glad that I kept the blog now, it was a pain at times, but definitely worth it. So much just slips into obscurity and it's great to have a record of happy times, hungover times, sad times and shocking times.

It's been a big year, we sold a house and bought a house, we got a new niece and saw some best friends compete in the olympics, and many others get married. We went to loads of gigs, ate loads of curries and saw loads of our families. And we survived a brain tumour.

Overall it was definitely a great 2012. Happy anniversary Oliver!