Thursday, November 29, 2012

The holiday dance.

It's lucky my arms didn't suffer muscle loss, as they are needed this morning for the holiday dance. We're going on holiday - today! We're going on ho-olida-ay, we're going on ho-olida-ay!

There. Just for old times sake.

P.S. If anyone has any recommendations for where to eat, drink and do (gentle) things in Brighton please can you send them to me ( or comment below? Thanks v much! Ho-olida-ay - WOO!


Since surgery I've been a bit disfunctional around noise. It's like my brain goes into paralysis and refuses to function until the noise stops. Rickety trolleys and car alarms are good examples.

It's got loads better already though. When I first came out of hospital I was really bad, couldn't cope with any type of continuous sound. It's great now I can listen to music and I'm ok playing the drums. When I am creating the noise, or it's familiar to me (hello Phil Collins), then I'm alright with it.

The problem is still there with noise I'm not in control of. Screaming isn't good. And anyone who isn't me playing the drums. Also any music that I don't know well - it's very strange, my brain can only cope with volume if it knows what's coming next. If it can sing along to it.

I have seen a marked improvement already though so I'm not worried. I'm sure it will be better soon. In the meantime, if you could keep your voices down... :)

Feeling unwanted.

Hmmm. Just realised I didn't hear back from the King's College Hospital Foundation Trust, where I applied to be a volunteer. It's been over three weeks - maybe I messed up the application. Or maybe they don't want me. Sniff.

Will call them today. Or tomorrow. Soon.