Some photos

Waiting in A&E, when I thought the most dramatic thing that would happen was a drip in the arm.

My view from bed 4 on the Mary Ray ward.

Hospital tea: macaroni cheese.

Some reading in my notes folder. Useful diagram after some hospital macaroni cheese.

Me and Neville back home.

The mystery hat, I haven't taken it off since it arrived, but who sent it?

The best card, ever! From a v special friend xxx

Luis, keeping me company the night before surgery.

The red sauce I had to shower in. Getting camera happy now.

My favourite photo of Oliver and Neville. 

Sat nav stickers on, so they can programme the machine to find my tumour. 

This arrow means take it out the left hand side. Yes, please take it out the left hand side.
The CT scan door.

Waiting for the last minute CT scan.

Luis again.
Sick of waiting, anxiety levels rising again.

My ticket home.

Neville, waiting for me.

Bandages off! Bit scary.

Phew, I can feel my ears again... but I have bigger cheeks than I realised. Still - we match now.

A bit of chess while we wait for mum.

Hurray! In the lift home.

The plaster coming off (no blood yet).

If you're squeamish, it's probably best you skip the next few photos, which are of the staples and the scar once I'd been de-stapled. I've left a gap before posting them so you don't see anything by accident. There's only three potentially gruesome ones, and then we move on to more pleasant things - like donuts. Maybe if you scroll really fast it'll just be a blur.

A first peek at the staples. Hmm, I wonder what they put them in with?

All 34 staples out! And there is the frankenscar.

Me, post faint, counting the staples to make sure.

That wasn't that bad was it? Moving on to the donuts:

Hmmmmmm. Donuts.

Proof that we went to the fireworks.

A stupid hat mum tried to make me buy in M&S just before I got my wobble on.

After five and a half weeks. 

Look! It's me! In the Guardian!

Before. Look how big my nose is! Thanks to v talented uncle for his digital and brain skills.

Another before. From the back this time.

Yes, these are my eyeballs. Worried my left ear is higher than my right. Or the other way round.


  1. the most worrying picture on this page is without a doubt the macaroni cheese.

  2. I'm obviously really hungry because I think it looks really good.

  3. That is just worrying - you should definitely eat something... nice! xx

    Actually it really wasn't that bad, and the staff who gave it to me were so lovely that it made it taste even better.

  4. frankly i am still having nightmares about the macaroni cheese, personally

  5. inspirational x

  6. Hiya, I'm due to be admitted to kings today for neurosurgery tomorrow and your blog made me giggle :) I think a sense of humour is nothing short of vital... I was rushed to kings on the 15th October (just gone) and I too ate that cheese of macaroni and can testify that the deliciousness levels increased as a result of the lovely members of staff whom brought it forth :D

    1. Oh wow, good luck! Hope it all goes ok and you're home very soon xx (my most recommended thing to take is lip balm as after surgery my lips were so dry they actually cracked)

  7. Oh my goodness you are funny! Ive really enjoyed your writing. I will read more but have to go to bed now. Bless you and your wee family : )