Saturday, October 24, 2015

Happy 24th October!

Three years. The further we get from the day I had brain surgery the more ridiculous the whole episode sounds. I mean, brain surgery! As if.

This anniversary has almost snuck up on me, I'm definitely getting less hung up on the detailed analysis and memories of 2012, although I've been anticipating the actual day with a nervous excitement.

I like a birthday, and a spot of attention, so I've commandeered the day. We will drink champagne and celebrate being alive and, at the risk of sounding all nauseating and gratitudey, be really pleased that I don't have a brain tumour. Anymore. 

Things have really changed in three years and I have a huge amount to be grateful for. Tomorrow (later today in fact) I plan on enjoying myself, with some of my favourite people. Happy 24th October!