Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On about hair again.

For all I went on about my hair when I had to get it cut, I don't mind it now. It's growing on me (boom boom).

I feel more comfortable with it all shaved off than in some fashion style that didn't feel like me. And although it's still a bit of a shock to catch sight of my almighty cheeks in the mirror at first, it doesn't feel  that weird. In fact it's weird how unweird it feels.

It's cold though, I can detect the direction of air flow by moving my head. And it feels like velcro, getting hats on is a right palaver as the material just sticks to my head. And I've got to be careful of touching the plaster as there is still such a risk of infection.

At the moment the plaster gives a little clue as to why I have a shaved head, and soon the scar will be visible... eek. But as soon as it starts to grow back a bit it may look as if I've chosen to shave it off, I wonder if my feelings will then change.

In the meantime it's a relief. And liberating. And really quite cold. But I like it!