Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jenkenstein. On Jenowe'en

If only there was a fancy dress opportunity for someone with a whopping great scar across the top of their recently shaven head to walk around scaring people... I'm thinking of trick or treating tonight on the way back from the surgery - brand new scar exposed. I could make a killing.

I'm actually quite worried about seeing the scar. It was in most of my dozing dreams last night. Yesterday I kept looking things up on Google to do with staple removal and scars, then closing the window before they had chance to load. (That's possible when you have such a rubbish internet connection that it's comparable to the dial up from a remote village in Southern India).

I definitely wasn't ready to see it before now, but some intrigue has crept in as well. But mostly I'm just worried that it will be not healed, and a mess. Maybe I'm just squeamish. It will be nice to get the plasters off and be able to see the shape of my head again. But what will the scar look like?

Think I'll be thinking about it most of today.

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