Monday, October 29, 2012

Staples and scars and a sweepstake.

I made an appointment this morning at the doctors surgery to take the staples out of my head. It's on Wednesday and suddenly that doesn't seem very far away.

I realised that I have been kept quite sheltered from the goo and mess of surgery. When I woke up I was clean, and apart from bruises on my wrists from the cannulas, there is no sign to me of the carnage that must have gone on. There was the drain... but thankfully that's now gone.

The scar is currently covered by a series of plasters, which look quite neat and tidy. I made the mistake of looking at some scars on the tinterweb before going into hospital and scared myself silly by the frankenstein nature of them. I have never thought of myself as the squeamish type before this but suddenly when it's your own head it seems different.

I'm not worried about the scarring long term, just how it looks while it's still healing. There must have been lots of blood and goo - what if it is all still stuck there when they take the plasters off? And will it hurt? Jeez I am such a wimp with pain anticipation.

So - to the important bit. I'm holding a sweepstake for how many staples are in my head. Would you like to participate? Strictly speaking it isn't a sweepstake as you don't win anything. But you get to have a happy glow that you helped distract me from the thought of staples being pulled out of my scalp.

This morning before college mum stood on a kitchen chair and took a photo of the plasters on my head, for you to study, with interest. This must have been a good photo opportunity in itself. See below:

Place your bets... NOW! Either leave them in the comments or contact me direct and if enough people reply to make it interesting then I'll put up a table. It may become more of a voting thing, I haven't really thought this through.

Update: see entries so far here -


  1. I have no idea how big a staple is (and I'm too scared to Google it) but I'm going t guess that you have 27

  2. Dammit I was going to pick 27

  3. I'll go for 23 instead

    1. Um well, it's not working out as a sweepstake as I didn't really think it through - basically it's a voting thing... got numbers coming in from all over so you sure about the 23?

  4. hmmmm I reckon there's 20! Good luck! xxx

  5. three sides, ten on each side, therefore 32.

  6. Let's go for 50.

    Sarah xxx

  7. Methinks 22!


  8. Damn it, would have gone for 26....damn it, 32 is also gone, erm, 27? Damn it, that's gone too..28?? That's a lot of staples x

  9. I'll take 29. Well done on being so brave Jen.