Thursday, November 01, 2012

And the winning number...

34! Luke Gannarelli!

I'm trying to decide whether to put a photo up as it's quite gruesome. Any thoughts? Rest assured, we all counted them as they came out - the nurse thought we were mental as Oliver took quite a lot of photos. But she also had a count to make sure.

Luke, I owe you a Twirl (I didn't keep a staple for you...) - congratulations!


  1. I think photo would be fine but I'm am strangely intrigued by stuff like that! whatever you're most comfortable with to be fair - you might what to keep it secret for surprise value!

  2. Yes go on Jennie - you have been sharing your story so well, I feel we should take the rough with the smooth! Glad it was ok - and I'm not suprised you felt a bit fainty. Just think how highly you are going to score when future conversations with friends turn to "I got this scar when..." tales (as they often do!. Keep strong. xxx