Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Good eggs.

It's struck me recently how great people are. There are clearly some pretty nasty people around (the news this week is full of sex offenders and kidnappers) but when you meet a good one (Olly calls them good eggs), it has the power to reduce me to tears. Although most things do now, thinking about it.

The masses of people, some of which I'd never met or heard of, that sent well wishes when I was ill was astounding, and played a huge part in keeping my spirits high. But it's some individuals who really stick out as having made an unexpected difference.

Here are just two examples out of the many.

My hairdresser. I'll always remember how well she dealt with the whole thing. Didn't make a fuss, just cut all my hair off while I sulked. She continues to be wonderful and just make life easier for me, I don't have to explain why my skull is bumpy. And she gives me a discount - just because.

And my support nurse, I've mentioned him before I'm sure, he's consistently gone beyond the call of duty throughout all of this. Out of the thousands of patients he must have seen since me - and I was only in for two days - he firstly remembers me, and secondly is so goddamn efficient. This week he personally helped me try to tackle the DVLA (although it will still take them six weeks to look at a fax - a FAX, like how last century? Just LOOK at it people. And give me my licence back grrrr. I cannot resist a DVLA rant whenever the opportunity arises) and then emailed me to tell me what was going on.

This isn't new but has been repeatedly obvious to me over the last six months. A spot of kindness when you're least expecting it can make someone's day. Maybe even make a real difference to how they're feeling and will subsequently cope with a situation they're facing. You just don't know what anyone else is dealing with, so on the off chance it's best to be kind by default. I'd love to have that kind of influence on someone else.

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