Saturday, October 13, 2012

A knife edge of emotion.

I've been to see Henry Rollins a few times in the past (won't be again) and I found it really irritating each he said "here's another thing..." and launched into a new topic. He got on my nerves quite a lot actually but he obviously thought this was really cool as he did it all the way through, each time I saw him. I feel a bit like that now. Here's another thing...

Emotion. I'm constantly on the edge of tears and it's starting to grate. I've always cried easily, films, books, adverts, articles anything can set me off really and I do enjoy a good cry - but now it just feels a bit predictable and indulgent. 

It's not a big thing, just irritating. It was lyrics a minute ago. I'm not crying at the tragicness of the situation (I actually have it pretty good here!) it's like if this was a film then I'd cry at it. 

If someone says something nice to me, I cry. If someone gets upset, I cry. If I have a random thought about something, I cry, then wonder why I'm crying, remember I have a brain tumour and carry on crying. 

Then, I just snap out of it. Get distracted, do something else and it's gone. Totally fake emotion. Very weird.

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