Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An unexpected pleasure.

I've been really surprised how much I've enjoyed writing over the last two weeks. At first, it really was just a brain dump to get the thoughts out of my head in the hope I could let them go. But it has become something that I really look forward to, and spend a lot of time thinking about.

There is a bigger piece to this brewing about how it feels being so open, which I am not at all used to, and also how it is affecting the people closest to me. It's on the way, but in the meantime this is really just a recognition that I enjoy the process of the writing. Totally unexpectedly.

I always had a bit of a romantic view of writing and it's something that I've really wanted to be good at - but was very paranoid about. I never really had anything to write about before and I really like having the time to think about it now. It is keeping me busy, and is forcing me to think about what I want to say. It also helps me feel much more in control and self aware.

But I wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much!

It is really wonderful to hear that people are reading it too. I love watching the page stats go up and wondering who just read that? What did you read?


  1. only you would be looking at page stats. on a blog that you have been writing for 2 weeks.

    remember it's all about uniques and dwell times. :-)


  2. Thinking of you. Stats are very important. Jxxx

  3. Thank you!

    Really, it's addictive! Only have page views though, it's not like I'm making Omniture reports... honest I haven't even thought about it. Um. xx