Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reactions to bad news.

I've been writing this post for ages, and just don't seem to be able to get much sense out of my thoughts, but there definitely seems to be something there that won't go away. So I'll try again.

There is something really interesting me about the reactions people have to bad news, or difficult situations. It isn't the reactions themselves (although that has been interesting) it's more the difference between what I have been expecting and how I've got it wrong.

This is pretty much the first time I've been on the receiving end of this kind of attention, and it has firstly made me analyse what I have done in the past in similar situations, and what I would want to do now. My overwhelming feeling is that concern and well wishes are really apparent and obvious, regardless of words and actions - so there is no right and wrong. It really doesn't matter.

Secondly, I love where I have called it wrong. I am really interested in people, and relationships, and I like to think that I really know the people I know - including how they will react to things like this. But I have been very wrong, and I have loved the surprise of that.

This entire situation has thrown up some real positives in my life (different post coming on that) and one of the main ones is realising how many people are out there that care about me. The way people have reacted shows that they understand me, and they are on my wave length and are able to connect in their own way to make me feel better. With real thought.

It has been a revelation to realise that so many people know me and I have been challenged to rethink a lot of my relationships, in a more positive light. It has been great.