Saturday, October 27, 2012

Not a good night for a car alarm.

After the excitement of being set free, I wasn't sure how I would feel.

Physically, I'd kind of got used to the tight feeling of the bandages (although I couldn't feel my ears), so when they came off, my head felt loose - like lopsided. It moves when I laugh, I'm not sure which part of it moves, but it definitely moves. And when I raise my eyebrows. And it feels heavier on the right.

I guess it will take some getting used to and it will start to knit back together soon. But mentally I also wasn't sure how I'd feel.

It was amazing to get home and see Neville and be among my things again. Mum had made the house really nice and washed everything that I might even think about using for sterility. It was incredible. Beka came over and we had a lovely evening just reeling in wonder. What a month! Then I went to bed. My first night without the bandage, how would that feel?

Turns out pretty weird. I can feel pulsing in my head, I'm convinced you could see it if you look hard enough, but lying down made the bone creak. It wasn't unpleasant unless combined with the pulsing - which made it... rhythmic...

In hospital I don't think I dreamt. As we went to bed I was extra cautious with my head placement (to minimise rhythmic creaking) and surprisingly dropped off easy enough. Only to wake up at half past two - in hysterics.

There was a car alarm going off outside that I had been dreaming was an alarm in theatre. I don't have specific recall of the dream but it was clear that something had gone wrong and it was to do with my head. Poor Olly. It's been years since I had a nightmare.


  1. I am really in awe of you, Ms Jennie, blogging while undergoing brain surgery, well near as dammit, up to the wire and beyond. I am so glad you are at home and, even if currently hairless, are healing and eating and sleeping. Much love, big hugs and keep it up! Jo

  2. So Jennie, you haven't answered the one question we are all desperate to know.....have you developed any psychic or otherworldly powers since they fiddled with your noggin?