Thursday, October 18, 2012

The mystery hat.

This morning I got the most amazing delivery from the postman, it's a GORGEOUS turquoise hat with a massive orange bobble, I am wearing it right now.

There was no note, and no indication of who it was from - anyone going to own up? I have called the site who sent it and they can't tell me who it was. Someone, somewhere, is owed a massive thank you from me... please tell me who you are!

And thank you so much I absolutely love it. This is definitely coming to hospital with me.


  1. I've got the mitts and a Mars Bar.
    Ready when you are!

    Love from North Yorkshire

    1. Intriguing! Is this an admission of mystery hat sending, or enticement? I'll get my knife and fork and hotfoot it up to Hinderwell right now! xxx

  2. well she looks a fair clip - it is now welded to her head - looks just like a smurf!

  3. Wish I had thought of it, but honestly not me.
    Can't stand orange, and don't do shopping.
    Have been known to pop the odd pair of socks in an envelope to surprise one or two folk, but sadly didn't think of this one.

  4. Am still none the wiser on this - seriously mystery-hat-sender, it would be lovely to be able to thank you properly!