Thursday, October 18, 2012


Well. What a day.

I was a bit nervous this morning knowing that I was going to tell you all about everything today, but was hoping that once it was out in the open I would feel better. And I do, it's a massive relief.

It's been really emotional and I haven't yet got back to any of the messages you've all been sending, but thank you SO much. It means a lot and they are all lovely. Once I'd posted, I just shut the computer for a while and twiddled my thumbs. I'm not very good at twiddling my thumbs though so then I just watched the messages come in and cried.

Totally took it out of me. I'm exhausted. Just wanted to say thanks, for now.

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  1. And you do know you can ask for anything don't you? There are lots of us out here who are now sitting, waiting and hoping. We're (probably) very good at visits, collections, ordering things, finding things (especially videos of baby pandas -, and anything else that you need.

    Just ask.