Friday, October 19, 2012

Normal, versus normal.

This is probably a bit of a reaction to so many messages yesterday, but it's struck me how weirdly normal the whole thing is.

Everything happened so quickly and we were pretty much drip fed all this information that added up to the eventual reality of waiting for surgery, that the whole daunting truth was never a massive bombshell. It's like I just incrementally understood where we were. And what was going to happen.

And here we are, it just is what is it. It seems so weirdly normal.

I remember when first out of hospital, saying to mum (who to be fair actually was looking quite shell shocked) isn't it a bit surreal that I've got a brain tumour? And she said yes, how did this happen?
But then we both remarked on how, even though surreal it wasn't weird, it felt normal.

That feeling has always been there and yesterday with so many people finding out all at once, the reality of the shock for all of you has shown quite a contrast to my own state of mind. I think it's a good
thing and that I'm adjusting well. I had been worried it was denial but I think now that I really have started to process it. Getting there anyway.

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