Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bye bye hair.

I did it. It's gone.

Currently wearing a big woolly hat as it's really very cold with no hair. In the end it was pretty easy, I sat in a chair and read Marie Claire (what a pile of shite, literally the first 120 pages were adverts - who would pay to put an advert in a list of 100 adverts in a magazine?) while a nice girl cut all my hair off. She didn't try and talk bollox to me and she was very nice and I couldn't really muster up too much enthusiasm so she just got on with it.

I just pretended that I was on America's Next Top Model at the end and I didn't want to disappoint Tyra after makeover week, that seemed to do the trick. It's ok, I can make it messy and I can put a scarf over it. It really isn't that bad, but it is going to take a reeeeeally long time to grow back.

The thing I'm not looking forward to is everyone telling me how great it looks. It really suits me! I have good features for short hair. Maybe I'll decide keep it like this? I look great with short hair! YOU HAVE TO BLOODY SAY THAT because I have a brain tumour and I don't have a choice but to have short hair. The only way I will truly know if someone is telling me the truth is if they say it looks terrible.

So I'm getting ready to just smile at all comments and say thanks. That's all I can do, but be sure to know that my teeth will be gritted against every compliment, as I will never know whether it is for real.

I wish it was just invisible and not a thing.

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